Random Quotes

Henry Hazlitt, fully Henry Stuart Hazlitt

There is a decisive difference between the loans supplied by private lenders and the loans supplied by a government agency. Each private lender risks his own funds.

Annie Besant

No circumstances can ever make or mar the unfolding of the spiritual life. Spirituality does not depend upon the environment; it depends upon one's attitude towards life.

Brené Brown

Empathy doesn't require that we have the exact same experiences as the person sharing their story with us...Empathy is connecting with the emotion that someone is experiencing, not the event or the circumstance.

William Shakespeare

To move is to stir, and to be valiant is to stand; therefore, if tou art mov'd, thou runst away. (To be angry is to move, to be brave is to stand still. Therefore, if you're angry, you'll run away.)

Margaret Atwood, fully Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Where there's a doctor it's always a bad sign. Even when they are not doing the killing themselves it means a death is close, and in that way they are like ravens or crows.

Maureen O’Hara

The Queen Mary was the most civilized and luxurious way one could travel to America in the late 1930s.

Margaret Atwood, fully Margaret Eleanor Atwood

When power is scarce, a little of it is tempting.

Edward Abbey

If industrial man continues to multiply his numbers and expand his operations he will succeed in his apparent intention, to seal himself off from the natural and isolate himself within a synthetic prison of his own making.

William Drummond, fully Sir William Drummond of Hawthornden

Make an eternal spring; give life to this dark world which lieth dead. Spread forth thy golden hair in larger locks than thou wast wont before, and emperor-like decore with diadem of pearl thy temples fair.

Yann Martel

My ears were full. Nothing more, not one more sound, could push into them and be registered.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

How wonderful is Death, Death and his brother Sleep!

Robert Nathan

It seems to me that I have always wanted to say the same thing in my books: that life is one, that mystery is all around us, that yesterday, today and tomorrow are all spread out in the pattern of eternity, together, and that although love may wear many faces in the incomprehensible panorama of time, in the heart that loves, it is always the same.

Tecumseh, aka Tecumtha or Tekamthi

Brothers, the white men are not friends to the Indians: at first, they only asked for land sufficient for a wigwam; now, nothing will satisfy them but the whole of our hunting grounds, from the rising to the setting sun. Brothers, the white men want more than our hunting grounds; they wish to kill our old men, women, and little ones. Brothers, many winters ago there was no land; the sun did not rise and set; all was darkness.

Joseph Addison

This national fault of being so very talkative looks natural and graceful in one that has gray hairs to countenance it.

Umberto Eco

You might as well ask what you will hope for yourself. ...You will hope that a wisp of wind, the slightest swell of the tide, the arrival of a single hungry leech, can return us, atom by atom, to the great Void of the Universe, where we would somehow again participate in the cycle of life.

Debasish Mrida

No one wants to get hurt but without pain how can we win?

Chinese Proverbs

When selling a son don?t stroke his head; if you stroke his head your tears will flow.

Mary McCarthy

Friendship... is essential to intellectuals. You can date the evolving life of a mind, like the age of a tree, by the rings of friendship formed by the expanding central trunk.

Robert Southey

There is healing in the bitter cup.

Robert Bellarmine, fully Saint Robert Bellarmine

To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.

Scottish Proverbs

Him that comes first tae the haa can sit whaur he will.

Brené Brown

Love is a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them - we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

Thomas Mann, fully Paul Thomas Mann

Richard Wagner once declared that civilization disappears before music like mist before the sun. He never dreamed that one day, for its part, music would disappear before civilization, before democracy, like mist before the sun.

Sama Veda, or Samaveda or Sam Veda

May we be receptive to your supreme intelligence and become strong.

Ludwig van Beethoven

You are living on a quiet sea, or already in the safe harbor; you do not feel the distress of a friend out in the raging storm,?or you must not feel it.