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To lose one's children at an early age is not the true misfortune; the true misfortune is to see them grow up to be good-for-nothings.

Water will not kill a tadpole.

Whatever runs is going somewhere.

When these people are crying, others are laughing.

Whoever goes wherever his fancy takes him will demean himself (lose his honour and integrity).

Whoever works with eagerness will be wealthy.

Your friend's enemy is your enemy.

To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better.

What a child standing up does not see, an old man sitting down sees.

Whatever you cannot get by caresses you will not get by scratching.

When you have finished cooking your rice cake you should hang up your calabash spoon.

Whoever has arrived will eventually leave.

Whoever's turn it is should do the pounding the turn demands.

To play with fire until the house burns down.

What a person sells to God, he will find a price there.

Whatever you cannot get by licking you will not get by biting.

When you raise your hand and it says ?I respect no one?, the other will say ?No one respects me.?

Whoever has friends lacks nothing. Whoever does not have friends does not have anything.

Wisdom is the resource/wealth of its owner.

To refuse what you cannot stop is the same as agreeing.

What goes in at one ear goes out the other.

Whatever you slaughter, bleeds in your hands.

Where peace reigns there is someone who knows something he has not said.

Whoever is in too much of a hurry to receive his luck, the ?amen? will be ugly.

Words are like bullets; if they escape, you can?t catch them again.

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West African Proverb