Josiah Gilbert Holland, also Joshua Gilbert Holland

Josiah Gilbert
Holland, also Joshua Gilbert Holland

American Novelist,Poet and Editor

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Why will you be always sallying out to break lances with other people’s wind-mills, when your own is not capable of grinding corn for the horse you ride?

We often wonder that certain men and women are left by God to the commission of sins that shock us. We wonder how, under the temptation of a single hour, they fall from the very heights of virtue and of honor into sin and shame. The fact is that there are no such falls as these, or there are next to none. These men and women are those who have dallied with temptation - have exposed themselves to the influence of it, and have been weakened and corrupted by it.

Want keeps pace with wealth always.

The sweetest type of heaven is home - nay, heaven is the home for whose acquisition we are to strive the most strongly. Home, in one form and another, is the great object of life. It stands at the end of every day’s labor, and beckons us to its bosom; and life would be cheerless and meaningless, did we not discern across the river that divides us from the life beyond, glimpses of the pleasant mansion prepared for us.

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman’s heart.

The moment that law is destroyed, liberty is lost, and men, left free to enter upon the domains of each other, destroy each other’s rights, and invade the field of each other’s liberty.

Play may not have so high a place in the divine economy, but it has as legitimate a place as prayer.

Perfect love holds the secret of the world’s perfect liberty.

Patience, persistence, and power to do are only acquired by work.

Nothing so obstinately stands in the way of all sorts of progress, as price of opinion; while nothing is so foolish and baseless.

No nation can be destroyed while it possesses a good home life.

Music was a thing of the soul; a rose-lipped shell that murmured of the eternal sea; a strange bird singing the songs of another shore.

Man’s record upon this wild world is the record of work and of work alone.

Life was intended to be so adjusted that the body should be the servant of the soul, and always subordinate to the soul.

Let this be understood, then, at starting; that the patient conquest of difficulties which rise in the regular and legitimate channels of business and enterprise is not only essential in securing the success which you seek but it is essential to that preparation of your mind, requisite for the enjoyment of your successes, and for retaining them when gained. So, day by day, and week by week; so month after month, and year after year, work on, and in that progress gain in strength and symmetry, and nerve and knowledge, that when success, patiently and bravely worked for, shall come, it may find you prepared to receive it and keep it.

Laws are the very bulwarks of liberty. They define every man’s rights, and stand between and defend the individual liberties of all men.

Labor in all its variety, corporeal and mental, is the instituted means for the methodical development of all our powers under the direction and control of will.

Faith draws the poison from every grief, takes the sting from every loss, and quenches the fire of every pain; and only faith can do it

Who never walks save where he see men's tracks makes no discoveries.

God pity the man of science who believes in nothing but what he can prove by scientific methods; for if ever a human being needed divine pity, he does.

Work was made for man, and not man for work. Work is man's servant, both in its results to the worker and the world. Man is not work's servant, save as an almost universal perversion has made him such.

Work is the means of living, but it is not living.

We live in the future. Even the happiness of the present is made up mostly of that delightful discontent which the hope of better things inspires.

There are no twin souls in God's universe.

Scholarship, save by accident, is never the measure of a man's power.

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Josiah Gilbert
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Holland, also Joshua Gilbert Holland
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American Novelist,Poet and Editor