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To turn a blind eye to something.

Unity is strength.

When good and bad persons are not distinguished.

To turn and mend old clothes.

Unmanageably scattered property or assets.

When one doesn't get better food at other's place.

To turn one's eyes away from someone.

Unnecessary conflict while eating.

When pumpkins are watered, brinjals also get watered.

To turn the afternoon into an evening.

Unorganized system. Impossible things.

When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left.

To waste good advice on the foolish.

Unwanted meddling in affairs which could prove harmful.

When youngsters expect their elders to serve them.

To waste one's efforts on a naive person.

Useless imitation.

Whenever there is a problem there is way out.

To waste time in futile pursuits.

We cannot steal the fire. We must enter it.

While alive not even ashes, but when dead, satin to cover the body.

To weigh everyone in the same scale. In other words it suggests a lost sense of discrimination between good and bad.

Welcome an opportunity as it comes, call it a trifle if it doesn't.

While in Rome do as the Romans do.

To strike the eyes with fingers.

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