Atharva Veda, or Atharvaveda

Veda, or Atharvaveda

Sacred Text of Hinduism and One of the Four Vedas meaning "knowledge"

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When the mind wavers, loyalty sits light; love disappears; and faction begins.

Yon fluttering little spirit that has been fixed into thy heart, from it the jealousy do I remove, as air from a water-skin.

You shall be redeemed, and through you, the whole world shall be saved, if you chant the Name of the One and Only Lord. Practice this yourself, and teach others; instill the Lord's Name in your heart. That person, who has this treasure upon his forehead - that person meditates on God.

When the sun is over your head, there will be no shadow; similarly, when faith is steady in your head, it should not cast any shadow of doubt.

You alone know Your mystery; You are the Perfect Architect of Destiny. I am a helpless orphan - please keep me under Your Protection and save me.

You shall not obtain this human body again; make the effort - try to achieve liberation.

When they are out and about, they keep Him enshrined in their hearts; returning home, the Lord of the Universe is still with them.

You are All-powerful; there is no other than You. You alone know Your condition and extent.

You very often condemn the mind as a monkey; but take it from Me, it is far worse.

When we get compliments for our good works we naturally feel elated and happy. On the contrary listening to evil thoughts make us skeptical and confused.

You are in the dark and you fear more. You cannot notice the heaps of earth and the pits on the road. You cannot even know that the road is smooth and fine. There is no fault or partiality in creation; be confirmed in that. Then you will no more waver in your faith.

You win My love in full measure. Love is My highest Miracle. Love can make you gather the affection of all mankind. Love will not tolerate any selfish aim or approach, Love is God. Live in Love. Then all is right; all can be well.

When you scatter seeds on the surface of the soil, they do not germinate; you have to keep them inside the soil.

You are like the rocks on the seashore that unflinchingly face the beating of the waves. The rock does not move; the wave will not stop. This predicament should end. Awake and avail yourselves of this unique chance.

You, the aspirant for supreme mind, progeny, fortune and wealth... acting in accordance with your husband's wishes, happily pave your way towards immortality.

Wherever I look, there You are; I am totally convinced of this. Unto whom should I pray? The Lord Himself hears all.

You are my Advisor; You are always with me. You preserve, protect and care for me.

Your devotion to God is best expressed by achieving the control of the senses. For the senses rush towards the temporary and the tawdry; and they foul the heart.

Whether thou art beyond the haunts of men, or whether across the river, this very herb, as if a captive bound, shall bring, thee back to me.

You are strong. You are the provider of joy. Go to the sages and their sons. Live at the place of virtuous souls to become well-cultured .

Your eyes should not seek evil sights; your ears should not seek evil tales; your tongue should not seek evil speech; your hands should not seek evil acts; your minds should not seek evil thoughts.

What little man has to accomplish must be done quickly, at the place that is assigned to him and within the time that is allotted to him. And, man has such a formidable task before him; it is to fulfill it that he has come as man, exchanging for this human habitat all the merit he has acquired during many past lives. The task is no less than the manifestation of the Divinity latent in man.

While saying this one has to keep in mind the fact that there is continuous tug-of-war going on between truth and untruth and hence one can easily understand how difficult this task is.

You have come here to learn and practice detachment. Get wet in the rain, while engaged in serving others. It does not matter if death comes while serving; do not pause; if you are so determined, God will not allow it to approach you.

Your Feet are the boat to carry us across the world-ocean; You alone know Your ways. Those whom You keep protected, by Your Kindness, cross over to the other side.

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Veda, or Atharvaveda

Sacred Text of Hinduism and One of the Four Vedas meaning "knowledge"