Estonian Proverbs


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Who strikes his father or mother his hand will grow out of the grave.

Who works hard alone will gobble alone.

Who suffers will have no regrets.

Who works hard will feel no hunger.

Who suffers will live long.

Who works in sweat will eat with appetite.

Who takes care of a cat will take care of a horse too.

Who's lazy when living will be lazy when dying.

Who takes care of a widow's 'hole' will inherit the heavenly kingdom.

Wise is who admits he is still ignorant.

Who talks a lot lies a lot.

You cannot eat downwind, you will get the chaff in your eyes.

Who talks a lot will be in trouble.

You shall have the good that you bring.

Who shears the sheep's head will live a couple of days, who shears its tail will live a hundred years.

Who talks a lot will get little done.

Who shouts at home will bark away from home.

Who toils and moils will be helped by God.

Who sows a wind will reap a storm.

Who touches all will see many a thing.

Who sows evil shall reap perdition.

Who wanders all the moors will taste all the berries.

Who sows what shall reap that.

Who wants to makes his friend his enemy should loan him some money.

Who starts something has to finish it.

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