Garrett Hardin, fully Garrett James Hardin

Hardin, fully Garrett James Hardin

American Ecologist who wrote on the dangers of overpopulation

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Without global sovereignty there can be no global solution to population problems.

A culture of poverty is one in which the future is discounted - both implicitly and explicitly - at a very high rate.

Earthly language serves two contradictory purposes: to facilitate thought and to prevent it.

In a competitive world of limited resources, total freedom of individual action is intolerable.

Multiculturalists, in effect, urge that we eat borscht with chopsticks.

So long as demand increases exponentially, solving a material shortage is impossible.

The quality of life and the quantity of it are inversely related.

We are not faced with a single global population problem, but rather 187 separate national population problems.

A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero.

Economists (and others) who are satisfied with nature-free equations develop a dangerous hubris about the potency of our species.

In a less than perfect world, the allocation of rights based on territory must be defended if a ruinous breeding race is to be avoided.

Narrow-minded economists emphasize 'production' and virtually ignore what happens to the source of nature's resources, as well as to nature's sink, which has to absorb the unwanted, so-called 'by-produces' or 'production'.

Sustainable development can be defended because an adult can continue to develop his or her intelligence without any growth in body weight.

The reward determines the outcome.

We can't cure a shortage by increasing the supply.

A managed commons, though it may have other defects, is not automatically subject to the tragic fate of the unmanaged commons.

Equity is determinable by law and custom; equality is determined by nature.

In a world of limits prosperity can be maintained only if population is contained.

Never globalize a problem if it can possibly be dealt with locally.

'Sustainable growth' is an oxymoron.

The three filters operate through these particular questions: Literacy: What are the words? Numeracy: What are the numbers? Ecolacy: And then what?

We climb mountains that stand not in our way - and thus discover new ways to happiness.

Affirmative action implies that if we cannot guarantee equality, then we should legislate equity.

Every proposal to build a dam, to widen a highway, to cut down another forest, to turn wetlands into salable real estate, or to bury unwanted waste products is sure to have unintended consequences.

In our heavily populated world, nothing less than true 'spaceship economics' - ecological economics - will suffice to make life livable for us, for our children, and for our children's children.

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Hardin, fully Garrett James Hardin
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American Ecologist who wrote on the dangers of overpopulation