Henry H. Haskins

Henry H.

American Stockbroker and Man of Letters, his Aphorisms were edited and published anonymously

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Many a superior brain is blockaded by inferior thoughts.

Stand aloof from your own opinions; they seek to lure you with an illusive certainty.

There never is any diminution of the vast majority, indifferent to what they are, whence they came, and whither they go, who rush from business to pastime, and from pastime back to business, leaving no vacancy into which the unknown might slip a little experimental greatness.

When a thing is not worth overdoing, leave it alone!

Many of our intentions die after we have put their harness on.

Symbols have a trick of stealing the show away from the thing they stand for.

Thought the fool is to be pitied, still he is spared watching spurious wisdom turn to ashes in his head.

When study becomes labor, we had better change the subject-matter as quickly as possible.

Many of us are impersonations of what we know we ought to be.

The art of a pedant is to divert his pupils from noticing the smallness of his puddle, and to make them attribute his apparent size to his being a really big toad.

Thoughts left unsaid are never wasted.

When you start to indulge yourself, remember it is what they do with invalids and children.

Memories that never ride anything but sound waves.

The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light we have on the place we are.

Tradition is a prison with majority opinion the modern jailer.

When you think of the silly things people have said to you which have stopped you from saying the same silly things, you simply can?t do justice to your gratitude.

No conscience which is a palimpsest of the consciences of others is a safe guide.

The deadliest contagion is majority opinion.

Tradition supplants inspiration with the warmed-over article.

Where you find imagination tracing the outlines and reason filling in the details, there you have a man.

Normal is the wrong name often used for average.

The highest grades of humanity have passed through the millstones more than once.

Twenty is in hot haste to become a year older and cast its first vote, which Forty will know was cast like the legendary pearls.

Who can set us straight in our labyrinth from the mazes of his own?

Not a little of our condemnation of the acts of others is spillage from our own condemnation of our own acts.

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American Stockbroker and Man of Letters, his Aphorisms were edited and published anonymously