JK Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

British Novelist, Author of the Harry Potter fantasy series

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Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life.

You see what you expect to see, Severus.

You will find that I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me.

Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice. You would not be here if you had anywhere else to go.

You see! said a strained voice. Tonks was glaring at Lupin. She still wants to marry him, even though he's been bitten! She doesn't care! It's different, said Lupin, barely moving his lips and looking suddenly tense. Bill will not be a full werewolf. The cases are completely- But I don't care either, I don't care! said Tonks, seizing the front of Lupin's robes and shaking them. I've told you a million times.... And the meaning of Tonk's Patronus and her mouse-colored hair, and the reason she had come running to find Dumbledore when she had heard a rumor someone had been attacked by Greyback, all suddenly became clear to Harry; it had not been Sirius that Tonks had fallen in love with after all. And I've told you a million times, said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, that I am too old for you, too poor....too dangerous.... I've said all along you're taking a ridiculous line on this, Remus, said Mrs. Weasley over Fleur's shoulder as she patter her on the back. I am not being ridiculous, said Lupin steadily. Tonks deserves somebody young and whole. But she wants you, said Mr. Weasley, with a small smile. And after all, Remus, young and whole men do not necessarily remain so. He gestured sadly at his son, lying between them. This is....not the moment to discuss it, said Lupin, avoiding everybody's eyes as he looked around distractedly. Dumbledore is dead.... Dumbledore would have been happier than anybody to think that there was a little more love in the world, said Professor McGonagall curtly...

You?d think a bit of kissing would cheer her up.

Your great puddin' of a son don' need fattin' anymore Dursley, don't worry.

You see, I, unlike you, have been made a prefect, which means that I, unlike you, have the power to hand out punishments. Yeah, said Harry, but you, unlike me, are a git.

You?ll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don?t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there. He held out his hand to shake Harry?s, but Harry didn?t take it. I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks, he said coolly.

Your Great-Aunt Muriel doesn't agree, I just met her upstairs while she was giving Fleur the tiara. She said 'Oh dear, is this the muggle born?' and then, 'Bad posture, skinny ankles.' Don't take it personally, she's rude to everyone, said Ron. Talking about Muriel? inquired George, reemerging from the marquee with Fred. Yeah, she's just told me my ears are lopsided. Old bat.

You see... I'm holy. Holey, Fred, geddit? Pathetic, he told George. Pathetic! With the whole wide world of ear-related humor before you, you go with holey?

You?re alive, she said blankly to Harry. There?s no need to sound so disappointed, he said grimly, wiping flecks of blood and slime off his glasses. Oh, well ? I?d just been thinking ? if you had died, you?d have been welcome to share my toilet, said Myrtle, blushing silver. Urgh! said Ron as they left the bathroom for the dark, deserted corridor outside. Harry! I think Myrtle?s grown fond of you! You?ve got competition, Ginny!

Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn?t realize that love as powerful as your mother?s for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign . . . to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin. Quirrell, full of hatred, greed, and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something so good.

You seem to be drowning twice, said Hermione. Oh, am I? said Ron peering down at his predictions. I'd better change one of them to getting trampled by a rampaging Hippogriff.

You?re going to have ?trials and suffering? ? sorry about that ? but there?s a thing that could be the sun . . . hang on . . . that means ?great happiness? . . . so you?re going to suffer but be very happy. . . .

Your parents gave their lives to keep you alive, Harry. A poor way to repay them - gambling their sacrifice for a bag of magic tricks.

You should have told her differently,' said Hermione, still with that maddeningly patient air. 'You should have said it was really annoying, but I'd made you promise to come along to the Three Broomsticks, and you really didn't want to go, you'd much rather spend the whole day with her, but unfortunately you thought you really ought to meet me and would she please, please come along with you, and hopefully you'd be able to get away more quickly? And it might have been a good idea to mention how ugly you think I am too,' Hermione added as an afterthought. 'But I don't think you're ugly,' said Harry, bemused. Hermione laughed.

You?re JOKING! said Fred Weasley loudly. The tension that had filled the Hall ever since Moody?s arrival suddenly broke. Nearly everyone laughed, and Dumbledore chuckled appreciatively. I am not joking, Mr. Weasley, he said, though now that you mention it, I did hear an excellent one over the summer about a troll, a hag, and a leprechaun who all go into a bar... Professor McGonagall cleared her throat loudly. Er ? but maybe this is not the time . . . no . . . said Dumbledore.

Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone's control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes.

You should write a book, Ron told Hermione as he cut up his potatoes, translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them.

You?re not supposed to dislike your own child. You were supposed to like them no matter what, even if they were not what you wanted.

Your Wheezy, sir, your Wheezy ? Wheezy who is giving Dobby his sweater!

You sometimes have to join forces with those you'd rather avoid.

You? this isn't a criticism, Harry! But you do? sort of? I mean?don't you think you've got a bit of?a?saving-people thing?

You're a prefect? Oh Ronnie! That's everyone in the family! What are Fred and I? Next door neighbors?

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Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling
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British Novelist, Author of the Harry Potter fantasy series