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The lot of a coconut hust is to float; the lot of a stone is to sink.

The stork will still end up on the back of the buffalo.

To depend on one's own child is blindness in one eyes; To depend on a stranger, blindness in both eyes.

When mosquitoes work, they bite and then they sing.

Where there's a carcass, there will be vultures.

The more shoots, the more leaves.

The sun cannot be covered with a sieve.

To mould a person's character, begin when he's still young and impressionable.

When the chicken slips away, the hand is left smelling like chicken poo.

Where would the gravy spill if not on the rice?

The more sorrow one encounters, the more joy one can contain.

The tapioca sits still and grows its flesh but a still iron only rusts.

To truly love your wife, leave her alone every once in a while.

When the curry is good, the rice is half cooked; When the rice is good, the curry is half cooked.

Wherever there is a field, there are grasshoppers.

The mountain that is being chased will not run away.

The tiger dies leaving his stripes, a man dies leaving his name.

Tough like burnt rice. [Stubbornness that crumbles under pressure]

When the eyes are closed, the pillow gets up to tricks.

While he feeds your mouth with a banana, he is sticking thorns into your ass

The mousedeer may forget the snare, but the snare does not forget the mousedeer. We may forget a misdeed to others, but there?s no assurance that the other guy will similarly forget.

The tree would not sway if there is no wind.

Trumpet in a herd of elephants, Crow in the company of cocks. Bleat in a flock of goats.

When the monkeys eat too much, the squirrels on the lower branches have to suffer for it.

Whoever eats chili gets burned.

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