Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa

Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
c. 1052
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi

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The best seeing is the way of ?non-seeing? the radiance of the mind itself. The best prize is what cannot be looked for the priceless treasure of the mind itself.

The sin-obscured need repentance.

To deceive confiding friends is filled with shame and meanness.

Understand the Adi-Yoga (Sanatana-Yoga): The animal-man becomes a hero and then a divine or enlightened Being.

Whenever thoughts of gems and money arise, take the seven Aryan riches as your treasure.

The dearest treasure is Wisdom-Paramita.

The ultimate practice is not to consider Distractions and drowsiness as faults. Doing so to stave them off is like kindling a lamp in bright daylight.

To find one serious Buddhist in a hundred is difficult!

Unfortunate beings cling to worldly things. -

Who likes to be surrounded by crowds will soon be disappointed.

The Devas of the five higher and twelve lower realms can only live till their merits are exhausted.

The worthiest one is engaged in turning a blessed human life to the best account.

To maintain pure discipline, is to do away with pretense and concealment.

Unless pure love and veneration be innate within one's heart, What gain is it to build a stupa?

Wild monkeys are not afraid of falling.

The essence of the Sangsara (Universe) is Compassion.

There are secret insider teachings to get home by.

To me there is no reality in illness.

Unless the guru's words are regarded as reasonable, what gain is it to have multitude of disciples?

Wisdom gods and goddesses don't say no to sensory pleasures; a great yogi knows this full well.

The essence of Universal Usefulness is Compassion.

There is a blessed and happy realm.

To probe deep into your roots the ignorance and confusion are you yourself. The preconceptions which are yourself are envoys and agents sent by yourself.

Unstable faith is like fog.

With feeble legs you waddle like a thieving goose; senile and clumsy is your body. Grandmother, your ugly face is wrapped in wrinkles. Grandmother, you are now a wretch, half woman and half bitch.

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First Name
Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
Birth Date
c. 1052
Death Date
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi