Nisargadatta Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli

Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli

Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher of Advaita Vedanta

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Unless we revolt against this craving for experience and let go the manifested altogether, there can be no relief. We shall remain trapped.

What capital is available to you? Only the ‘I am’, it is a product of this five-elemental food essence. First you become the consciousness, and then you realize that you are the manifestation.

What is the worth of a happiness for which you must strive and work? Real happiness is spontaneous and effortless.

Whatever I am telling you, is not the truth, because it has come out of this ‘I am’. The truth is beyond expression. I am taking you again and again to the source of the spring. Once you go to the source you will come to know there is no water, water is the news ‘I am’.

When ‘I am’ arises, everything appears; when ‘I am’ subsides everything subsides. Now this is what I am trying to tell you, but you want something else. You want something about your future, something which is part of manifestation, but I am trying to hit at it.

When the meditator forgets himself totally in meditation, it is ‘vishranti’ which means complete relaxation ending in total forgetfulness. This is the blissful state, where there is no need for words, concepts or even the sense of ‘I am’. The state does not know ‘it is’ and is beyond happiness and suffering and altogether beyond words; it is called the ‘Parabrahman’ – a non-experiential state.

When you become one with that knowledge you will realize that the knowledge ‘I am’ is the very Guru of the universe. Don’t make use of anything except the knowledge ‘I am’. Forget everything else. Consider a magnificent tree with many branches and leaves. Go to the root and not the branches.

When you realize that you are beyond both pain and pleasure, aloof and unassailable, then the pursuit of happiness ceases and the resultant sorrow too. For pain aims at pleasure and pleasure ends in pain, relentlessly.

Who is talking? Who is walking? Who is sitting? These are the expressions of the chemical ‘I am’. Are you that chemical? You talk about heaven and hell, this Mahatma or that one, but how about you? Who are you? You are not this chemical ‘I am’.

Within the prison of your world appears a man who tells you that the world of painful contradictions, which you have created, is neither continuous nor permanent and is based on a misapprehension. He pleads with you to get out of it, by the same way by which you got into it. You got into it by forgetting what you are and you will get out of it by knowing yourself as you are.

You are like the man in the cinema house, laughing and crying with the picture, though knowing fully well that the is all the time in his seat and the picture is but the play of light. It is enough to shift attention from the screen to oneself to break the spell......without waiting for the death of the body - it is enough to shift attention to the Self and keep it there. All happens as if there is a mysterious power that creates and moves everything. Realize that you are not the mover, only the observer, and you will be at peace.

You base yourself on the body that you are now, and don’t understand its root. That is why we think we are this body, and for that you must do meditation. What is meditation? Meditation is not this body-mind meditating as an individual, but it is this knowledge ‘I am’, this consciousness, meditating on itself. Then the consciousness will unfold its own meaning.

You have to stabilize in your present true nature, ‘I am’. All other secondary and redundant objects should be got rid of. Do not focus you attention on any of these things. The whole process is to be in your source. At present, what is your source? ‘I am’. Catch hold of that ‘I amness’ and be in it. You have to realize your own self. You must be at the borderline between ‘I am’ and ‘Not-‘I am’.

You must maintain this knowledge ‘I am’ in proper order. All the dirt, which is not the towel, should be removed. Similarly ‘I am’ is the tool through which you get all the knowledge. You worship that ‘I am’, remove all the adulteration, the dirt.

Your being a person is due to the illusion of space and time.

Unless you have the understanding of ‘I amness’, there is no progress. Once you understand the ‘I am’, there is nothing further to understand. When your ‘I amness’ is gone, together with everything, then there is nothing. Then that Nothingness is everything, but there no one left to say so.

What do you love now? The 'I am'. Give your heart and mind to it, think of nothing else. This, when effortless and natural, is the highest state. In it love itself is the lover and the beloved.

What is this knowingness? It is the stamp or registration of the booking ‘I am’. You are booking a flat, which is under construction but where is the flat? It is only the booking. Similarly this ‘I am’ is only booking, it represents your Absolute state.

Whatever is called God or Self is because there is the beingness, the feeling that ‘I am’. That is the fundamental principle, the basis of all your knowledge, but you are identifying yourself with the body.

When did this process of observing start? It started with the arrival of the waking state, deep sleep state and the knowledge ‘I am’, all rolled into one ‘I am’. This is known as birth. With the so-called birth, this triad has come, and with its arrival observation started. Everyday it is going on. The moment the ‘I amness’ comes it is being used for experiencing, observing etc. Prior to the happening of this birth, where was the ‘I amness’? It was not there.

When the mind is in its natural state, it reverts to silence spontaneously after every experience or, rather, every experience happens against the background of silence.

When you began knowing that you are, you did a lot of mischief, but when the ‘I am’ is not there, there is no question of mischief.

When you say you sit for meditation, the first thing to be done is to understand that it is not this body identification that is sitting for meditation, but this knowledge ‘I am’, this consciousness, which is sitting in meditation and is meditating on itself. When this is finally understood, then it becomes easy. When this consciousness, this conscious presence, merges in itself, the state of ‘samadhi’ ensues. It is the conceptual feeling that I exist that disappears and merges into the beingness itself. So this conscious presence also gets merged into that knowledge, that beingness – that is ‘samadhi’.

Who is the one who recognizes this body-mind? This `I Am-ness' which recognizes the body-mind is without name and form, it is already there.

Without love all is evil. Life itself without love is evil.

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Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli
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Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher of Advaita Vedanta