Periander, aka Periander The Great

Periander, aka Periander The Great
665 B.C.
585 B.C.

Greek Tyrant of Corinth, One of the Seven Sages of Greece

Author Quotes

Each man has his fancy.

His bloated paunch stands forth projecting a good eighteen inches.

I have cut my leg with my own adze.

It is a pleasant thing to be pointed at with the finger, and to hear it said, "That is he."

May everything he treads upon become a rose!

Now o'er his tomb and happy ashes will not violets spring?

Out of breath to no possible purpose; in attempting everything, doing nothing.

Snuffling through his nose some stale joke.

The pot boils badly.

The soft speeches of the wicked are full of deceit.

You are too sarcastic.

Your knowing a thing is nothing, unless another knows you know it.

You should do nothing because of money.

You should be moderate in happiness and should be rational in misfortune.

Witty remarks are all very well when spoken at a proper time: when out of place they are offensive.

Who wants to govern quiet, he shouldn’t protect himself with spears, but with universal love.

What is the essential reason of all? It is a time.

What is freedom? It is a clear conscience.

Unless your works lead to profit, vain is your glory in them.

To counsel others, and to disregard one's own safety, is folly.

Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt.

The useful and the beautiful are never separated.

The success of the wicked tempts many to sin.

The poor man, while he apes the wealthy, effects his own ruin. [The fable of frog and the cow.]

The mind still longs for what it has missed, and loses itself in the contemplation of the past.

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First Name
Periander, aka Periander The Great
Birth Date
665 B.C.
Death Date
585 B.C.

Greek Tyrant of Corinth, One of the Seven Sages of Greece