Rufus Jones, fully Rufus Matthew Jones

Jones, fully Rufus Matthew Jones

American Writer, Magazine Editor, Philosopher, College Philosophy Professor, Quaker Historian of Mysticism and Theologian, Co-founder of the American Friends Service Committee which has won the Nobel Prize

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You?re not allowed to chart love. The reason ? is because we think of love as a binary thing: You?re either in love, or you?re not in love. You love, or you don?t love. I think the reality is that love is a process.

What needs to grow clear in the minds of all who are responsible for the training of youth, whether within or entirely outside the Church, is the fact that all genuine education must have a spiritual quality to it, - that is, it must have to do with the formation of personality, the building of character, the enlargement of life, the transmission of the supreme experiences of the race, and with setting free the higher potential powers of the individual.

What these pillar Quakers were talking about when they used their various figures of speech - 'inward light,' 'immortal Seed,' 'Christ within,' - was their certainty that God was not remote, not a far-off sky-God, not merely a Creator at some distant 'beginning,' not a Being Who left us with nothing but a Book as a Guide on our hazardous pathway, but a God here and now present in us, as near as breathing; moving not merely on the waters at some far-away date, but operating directly and immediately in the soul of man here and now.

There is not the least ground for doubt that Christ was divine, that He was and is a revelation of God.

Those of us who pray have the best of all evidence that prayer is a vital breath of life, for we come back from it quickened and vitalized, refreshed and restored?.

To be a teacher who knows how to enlarge the depth and scope of a person's life is the best gift there is.

To discover a truth involves the apostolic task of going out and doing it.

We have won an enviable place in the eyes of the world as the purveyors of relief. We have learned to meet and to take up the sufferings of the world?Now we need to give as serious and as creative thought and consideration to the renewal of the spiritual life and power of our Meetings and of our membership as we have given to the constructive tasks of the world.

We shall not be able to rebuild our shattered world until we recover our faith in eternal realities, and we shall not do that until we discover spirit within ourselves.

The only flowing refutation of the materialism and secularism of our time is a personal life which demonstrates a source of spiritual power.

The reason we can hope to find God is that He is here, engaged all the time in finding us.

The Society of Friends?.is primarily and essentially a widely scattered number of local meetings, little cells, where the actual vitality and power and future potency of Quakerism is being settled and determined. We work in vain unless we keep our minds focused on these local units.

The Spirit of man is a candle of God's lighting. It means that there is something in man's inmost being that can be kindled and struck into flame by God and as we feed the flame with our lives we can become revealing places for God, a flame of God's life. If it is true, and I believe it is, it is one of the greatest words that was ever spoken. It puts the basis of religion at the center of man's life where it belongs. Religion on this view is not an addendum to life, not something added on by a remedial scheme to a spiritually barren and bankrupt being. Religion is not a foreign bestowal; it is a divine spring and capacity which belongs to our being as men. Religion is just over-brimming, abounding life. My cup runs over.

The task of religion is not like that of laboriously endeavoring to teach an elephant to fly; it is rather the discovery of the potential capacities for flight in a being that was framed for the upper air.

The thing we need primarily is an enlarged capacity of appreciation of the range and quality of His personality. We need once more to see Him.

The time is coming when every sound teacher will realize that it is fully as important to have expert treatment for children's fears and mental 'complexes' as for their defects of eyesight and hearing.

The whole atmosphere of service must be pervaded by a calm mind, by a spirit of reconciliation, by clear insight, by undeviating fidelity, and by respect for the views of life which are precious to those whom you are serving.

There are no known limits to the creative and transforming effects of this cooperation of the spirit of a believing person with the Great Divine Companion.

Our human nature is unmistakably double. There is something in us that the divine Spirit can make its appeal to, something that draws us upward and onward, something that makes our moral and spiritual life possible. It think that this divine spark in us?is the most significant thing about us.

There is in most of us a vast acreage of our inner estate which has never been touched by the plow. It remains uncultivated. We are this, we have been this, but how much more we might be. Coming to our self, our true self, and reaching out with divine help and the gift of Grace to win the whole of oneself is to be 'spiritual-minded.'

Prayer will always rise or fall with the quality of one's faith, like the mercury in the tube which feels at once the change of pressure in the atmosphere. It is only out of live faith that a living prayer springs.

The first stage of 'entry into life' for Jesus is learning to love. To start executing a 'social program' without the creative and motive power of a great love behind it is like building a factory and forgetting to attach the machinery to any driving energy that would turn the wheels.

The greatest single fact of history is the breaking in of the Life of God through this unique Life. Here at last the Love of God found complete expression.

The home is the most favorable place on earth for transmitting to the new-born child the spiritual gains of the race and for the formation of a well-organized moral and spiritual character. The greatest thing a true home produces is the cementing power of love and tenderness and the stabilizing quality of faith in eternal Reality. The restoration of the home as the spiritual nursery of the children God gives us, is the major task of our time.

The mystic is a person possessed of conviction, which for him amounts to an experience, that he has come upon the goal of life, that he has come back to the spiritual Source of his being?.that he has in very truth found God.

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Jones, fully Rufus Matthew Jones
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American Writer, Magazine Editor, Philosopher, College Philosophy Professor, Quaker Historian of Mysticism and Theologian, Co-founder of the American Friends Service Committee which has won the Nobel Prize