Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de

French Priest of the Catholic Church dedicated to serving the poor

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God has seen fit that, since our services are useful to many persons, everyone approves them, but only when they are carried out in the spirit of Our Lord.

I cannot think of the results of your labors without shame at the little we do.

If there is any danger in the present weather, in the name of God, Monsieur, wait until spring

In the name of Our Lord, Monsieur, do all you can to regain your health and take good care of it so that you can serve God and the poor for a longer time. This moderate care does not preclude the obligation we have of generously risking our lives when the salvation of our neighbor is concerned.

It is true you have great reason to distrust yourself; but you have still greater reason to trust in him. If you are inclined to evil, you know that he is incomparably much more inclined to do good, and to do good in and by you. I beg you to make your prayer on this, and during the day to make some elevations of your soul to God, imploring his grace so as to establish you firmly in this principle, so that having cast your eyes on your miseries, you may afterwards ever raise them to his mercies, pausing for a much longer time upon his munificence in your regard than on your own unworthiness in his sight, and much more upon his strength than upon your own weakness, throwing yourself, when you see this, into his fatherly arms in the hope that he will work in you what he asks of you, and that he will bless all you do for his sake. With this, Sir, keep your heart ever ready to receive the peace and joy of the Holy Ghost.

May God be pleased to make it known to you, and fill you increasingly with His Spirit, so that through you it may be poured into the souls you guide, and your own soul may be more greatly sanctified!

Ordinarily, God allows these things i.e. evil suggestions and wickedness to happen to free us from some hidden pride and to engender in us holy humility.

Rarely is any good done without difficulty; the devil is too subtle and the world too corrupt not to attempt to nip such a good work in the bud

The angels would become incarnate if they could, so that they might come to earth to imitate the example and virtues of the Son of God!

These ideas are only suggestions of the evil spirit who, to jeopardize your salvation, suggests to you extraordinary works that are beyond your strength, under the fine pretext of practicing, on your own, the spiritual and corporal works of mercy . . .

What a reason the Company has for observing its Rules faithfully: to do what the Son of God came into the world to do! That there should be a Company, and that it should be the Company of the Mission, composed of poor men, and that it should be entirely dedicated to that purpose, going here and there through hamlets and villages, leaving the towns behind-something that’s never been done-and going to announce the Gospel only to persons who are poor; yet, those are our Rules!

You say you are not happy in the Mission. That, in itself, is not a sign that God does not want you there. Perfect contentment is never to be found, in whatever place and condition one may be. This life is full of annoyances and troubles both of mind and of body; it is a state of continual agitation, which snatches peace of mind from those who think they possess it and eludes those who seek it. Did Our Lord lead an easy life?

God is pleased to communicate himself to the simple and humble and to use the smallest and lowliest to make them great and exalted. In a word, it is He Himself who has called and approved them and even inspired their humble manner of living.

I feel so strongly about the truths Our Lord taught us by word and example that I cannot help but see how everything done according to that teaching always succeeds perfectly well, while things done the

If we divested ourselves, once and for all, of all self-will, we would then be in a position of being sure of doing the Will of God, in which the angels find all their delight and men all their happiness.

In this way, through experience they will be formed adequately, will be encouraged, and will be capable of rendering service to God.

It seems to me that the best way will be the one that is most gentle and forbearing, which is more in conformity with the Spirit of Our Lord and more apt to win hearts.

May the Divine Goodness, the source and fountain-head of true union, grant you the grace to avoid all the evils caused by disunion, and may God, for His own glory, ever keep you in perfect union with Himself and with your neighbor by true charity.

Our Lord and the saints accomplished more by suffering than by acting.

Remember the maxim of the Romans which states that by union and counsel we can achieve anything.

The children of our Lord walk gladly in his ways; they have confidence in him, and so when they fall, they rise again; and if, instead of stopping to grumble about the stone they have tripped over, they humble themselves at their fall, this helps them to advance with great strides in his love.

These losses of the Church in the past hundred years give us reason to fear in the present misfortune that in another hundred years we may lose the Church entirely in Europe. So, keeping this fear in mind, blessed are those who cooperate in extending the Church elsewhere.

What you are saying is true of those who want everything to give way to them, nothing to oppose them, everything to go their way, people to obey them without comment or delay and, in a manner of speaking, to be adored.

You say you experience great difficulty in the mission. Alas! Monsieur, there is no lot in life where there is nothing to be endured.

God often delays the conclusion of a holy endeavor so that those involved in it might merit its grace by the length of the work, their patience, and their prayers. This is why I beg you not to grow weary in yours. Although He may delay, He will reveal that it is pleasing to Him, if it is done, nevertheless, in a spirit of resignation regarding the outcome.

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French Priest of the Catholic Church dedicated to serving the poor