Sri Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Indian-born Bengali and American Contemporary Spiritual Leader, Author, Poet, Athlete and Artist

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What we call our joy, God calls our perfection. Each human being has come into the world with the message of perfection. Each human being will one day realize the highest Truth. Each human being is destined to be fulfilled. It is the birthright of our soul.

When we meditate soulfully, devotedly, we have to accept humanity as our very own. We have to know that humanity as it stands is far, far, from perfection, but we are also members of humanity. We have to take it with us. If we are in a position to inspire others, if we are one step ahead, naturally we have the opportunity to serve the divinity in the ones who are following us. We have to transform the face of the world on the strength of our dedication to the divinity in humanity. Meditation is not an escape. Meditation is the acceptance of life in its totality, with a view to transforming it for the highest manifestation of the divine Truth here on earth

World peace can be achieved when, in each person, the power of love replaces the love of power.

You may not know, but it is absolutely true: with each heartbeat your heart is calling: 'God, God!' You may not hear it, but God Himself definitely hears your heart's cry.

What we need is a life of balance—neither to wallow in the pleasures of wealth nor to lead a life of asceticism, but to embrace a life of simplicity and a heart of purity.

When we meditate we expand, spreading our wings like a bird, trying to enter consciously into Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, welcoming them into our aspiring consciousness. We see, feel and grow into the entire universe of Light-Delight.

World peace can blossom throughout the length and breadth of the world only when the world-peace-dreamers, world-peace-lovers and world-peace-servers desperately, sleeplessly and breathlessly long for the full manifestation of peace here on earth.

You must never forget that greatness does not guarantee happiness but goodness always does

What you do not use yourself, do not give to others. For example: advice.

When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still, silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul. When we live in the soul, we feel that we are actually meditating spontaneously.

World-harmony should be taken as a world-prayer on a daily basis.

You will say that because there is life, there is hope. You are right. But I wish to add something. Because there is hope, we live eternally — in the inner world, in the outer world, or in both worlds. You will say that hope sees illumining light in teeming darkness. You are perfectly right. But I wish to add something. Hope is itself the light that illumines darkness. I love hope. I may not love God, but in the inmost recesses of my being, in the inmost recesses of my heart, I feel that God loves me. Whether I love God or not, God loves me: this is my fervent hope. I may not care for God, but I do feel in all sincerity that God cares for me. Whether I care for God or not, God cares for me: this is my fervent hope.

What you powerfully hold in your thought-world will make you either a street beggar or a great king.

When we seek appreciation from others, we get not appreciation, but flattery.

World-peace can be achieved when the power of love replaces the love of power.

Your defeats in life's battlefield will soon be ending, because your mind is no longer indifferent to your heart's spontaneous enthusiasm.

Whatever dies really does not die. We see it not; Therefore We feel that it has died. Death is only another shore Of the Reality-sea. Death is only another way To God-Reality's Shore.

When we sing, we embody and become the power of music. This power has a free access to the Universal Heart.

Yes, I can! I certainly can! I can have a gratitude-flower-heart that shall remain open at all hours.

Your mind has a flood of questions. There is but one teacher who can answer them. Who is that teacher? Your silence-loving heart.

Whatever you do, do it happily. Do not have any regrets: Oh, I should have done this; I should have done that. No, whatever you have done, feel that that is absolutely the right thing. That will give you joy. Once you do it, feel that you have done your best. If you say, I should have done something else, it will weaken you. Then you will not be able to do your other events well. Always do everything well and say, I have done the right thing. If I have taken rest, it was absolutely necessary. If I have not taken rest, it is because it was not necessary. Always convince your mind with happiness, happiness.

When you are right, everything around you is right, for the beautiful flow that is inside your heart has the capacity to spread its fragrance of oneness-light all around you.

Yesterday I was clever, that is why I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, that is why I am changing myself.

Your self-transcendence-goal is not something that you have to achieve. It was already given to you long ago by your Beloved Supreme. You have only to believe it. You have only to receive it.

When a child is playing in the mud and then all a sudden he is called, he is not afraid that his mother will beat him because he is dirty. He will go running to his mother and his mother will immediately take his dirt, his filth, as her very own. She will wash him in order to show others that her son is also very clean. We have to approach God like that. No matter how many undivine things we do, we can run toward Him and feel that with His Compassion He will clean us immediately.

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Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

Indian-born Bengali and American Contemporary Spiritual Leader, Author, Poet, Athlete and Artist