Ogattan Emmisary

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Despite what man can do to man--and nature's plan--there are those civilizations out there in the cosmos who believe that Planet Earth is worth helping in its time of great adjustments.

Don't minimize the vibrations that are bombarding this piece of the cosmos.

Every human on Planet Earth has his own electromagnetic print.

Expand your thinking of where you are to include your family - your neighbors - your country- other countries - a global village - the universe. Think not as a unit of one, but as a part of a unit of many. And look to the future with hope.

The body is only a vehicle for a life form, and a temporary one at that.

The excitement of tomorrow's science will be in the discovery of the amino acids' memory storage capacities.

Broaden your horizons to encompass new thoughts.

Success and failure are not absolutes. They exist only in relation to your expectations, or to a given norm.

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Ogattan Emmisary