Such is the infatuation of self-love, that, though in general doctrine of the vanity world all men agree, yet almost everyone flatters himself that his own case is to be an exception from the common rule.

Our first and last love is - self-love.

The most amiable people are those who least wound the self-love of others.

Discouragement is simply the despair of wounded self-love.

Faults will turn to good, provided we use them to our own humiliation, without slackening in the effort to correct ourselves. Discouragement serves no possible purpose; it is simply the despair of wounded self-love. The real way of profiting by the humiliation of one’s own faults is to face them in their true hideousness, without ceasing to hope in God, while hoping nothing from self.

Self-love and reason to one end aspire.

Self-love exaggerates our faults as well as our virtues.

It is universally acknowledged that there is a great uniformity among the actions of men, in all nations and ages, and that human nature remains still the same, in its principles and operations. The same motives always produce the same actions: the same events follow the same causes. Ambition, avarice, self-love, vanity, friendship, generosity, public spirit: these passions, mixed in various degrees, and distributed through society, have been from the beginning of the world, and still are, the source of all the actions and enterprises, which have ever been observed among mankind.

Men universally are ungrateful toward him who instructs them, unless, in the hours or in the intervals of instruction, he presents a sweet cake to their self-love.

Selfishness is a vice utterly at variance with the happiness of him who harbors it, and as such, condemned by self-love.

There are wounds of self-love which one does not confess to one’s dearest friends.

Self-love leads men of narrow minds to measure all mankind by their own capacity.

The world is governed by love, self-love.

Every man, like narcissus, becomes enamored of the reflection of himself, only choosing a substance instead of a shadow. This love for any particular woman is self-love at second hand, vanity reflected, compound egotism.

Pride is over-estimation of oneself by reason of self-love.

In all times self-love has blinded the wisest.

Offended self-love never forgives.

Would you hurt a man keenest, strike at his self-love.

It is difficult to divest one's self of vanity; because impossible to divest one's self of self-love.

Self-love is a mote in every man's eye.