Great Throughts Treasury

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Saint-John Perse, first Saint-Leger Leger, pseudonyms of Alexis Leger

French Poet, Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

"There is no history but that of the soul, no peace but that of the soul."

"A world to be born under your footsteps…"

"At mid-height between sky and sea, between the upper and lower waters of eternity, clearing the way of eternity, they are mediators for us and strive with all their being to the utmost of being."

"Favored by the favorable dream . . . I shall listen to the authority of the dream that mounts within me."

"Happy birds, ah, may they extend towards us, from one shore to the other of heaven's ocean, that huge arc of painted wings that will assist and encircle us! May they bear the full honor of it among us by strength of soul!"

"The only menace is inertia."

"And it is enough for the poet to be the guilty conscience of his time."

"Winter looped like a bison, Winter contorted like white hair mousse, winter in red arsenic wells, oil pockets and bitumen, winter in skunky taste and beetle hickory wood smoke, Winter prisms and critaux in Black Diamond intersections, Winter without thyrses or torches, Winter without roses or pools, Winter! Winter! your cedar apple old iron! your stone fruit! your copper insects!"