Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Edward Young

English Poet best known for "Night Thoughts"

"Faith builds a bridge across the gulf of Death, to break the shock blind mature cannot shun, and lands Thought smoothly on the further shore."

"Faith is a bridge across the gulf of death."

"Faith is not only a means of obeying, but a principal act of obedience; not only an altar on which to sacrifice, but a sacrifice itself, and perhaps, of all, the greatest. It is a submission of our understandings; an oblation of our idolized reason to God, which he requires so indispensably, that our whole will and affections, though seemingly a larger sacrifice, will not, without it, be received at his hands."

"Faith lights us through the dark to Deity; faith builds a bridge across the gulf of death, to break the shock that nature cannot shun, and lands thought smoothly on the further shore."

"Fame is the shade of immortality, and in itself a shadow. Soon as caught, contemn'd; it shrinks to nothing in the grasp."

"Fame is the shame of immortality, and is itself a shadow."

"Fancy and pride seeks things at vast expense."

"Far beneath a soul immortal is a mortal joy."

"Fathers alone a fathers heart can know what secret tides of still enjoyment flow when brothers love, but if their hate succeeds, they wage the war, but 'tis the father bleeds."

"Few are the faults we flatter when alone."

"Final Ruin fiercely drives her ploughshare o'er creation."

"First on thy friend deliberate with thyself; pause, ponder, sift; not eager in the choice; nor jealous of the chosen; fixing, fix;-- Judge before friendship, then confide till death."

"For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme,"

"Fond man! the vision of a moment made! Dream of a dream! and shadow of a shade!"

"For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme, nor take her tea without a stratagem."

"For me, happiness came from prayer to a kindly God, faith in a kindly God, love for my fellow man, and doing the very best I could every day of my life. I had looked for happiness in fast living, but it was not there. I tried to find it in money, but it was not there, either. But when I placed myself in tune with what I believe to be fundamental truths of life, when I began to develop my limited ability, to rid my mind of all kinds of tangled thoughts and fill it with zeal and courage and love, when I gave myself a chance by treating myself decently and sensibly, I began to feel the stimulating, warm glow of happiness."

"For what are men who grasp at praise sublime, but bubbles on the rapid stream of time, that rise, and fall, that swell, and are no more, born, and forgot, ten thousand in an hour?"

"For who can write so fast as men run mad?"

"Friendship's the wine of life; but friendship new (Not such was his) is neither strong nor pure."

"From his big heart o'ercharg'd with generous sorrow; See the tide working upward to his eye, And stealing from mm in large silent drops, Without his leave."

"Gay mellow silks her mellow charms infold, and nought of Lyce but herself is old."

"Give me, indulgent gods! with mind serene, and guiltless heart, to range the sylvan scene; no splendid poverty, no smiling care, no well-bred hate, or servile grandeur, there."

"Gold glitters most where virtue shines no more, as stars from absent suns have leave to shine."

"Graceful to sight and elegant to thought."

"Gravity - the body's wisdom to conceal the mind."

"Great let me call him, for he conquered me."

"Groan under gold, yet weep for want of bread."

"Guard well thy thoughts; our thoughts are heard in Heaven."

"Has death his fopperies?"

"Hast thou ne'er seen the comets flaming light? Th' illustrious stranger passing, terror sheds on gazing nations, from his fiery train of length enormous, takes his ample round through depths of ether; coasts unnumber'd worlds, of more than solar glory; doubles wide Heaven's mighty cape; and then re-visits earth, from the long travel of a thousand years."

"He calls his wish, it comes; he sends it back, and says he called another; that arrives, meets the same welcome; yet he still calls on; till one calls him, who varies not his call, but holds him fast, in chains of darkness bound, till Nature dies, and judgment sets him free; a freedom far less welcome than this chain."

"He mourns the dead who lives as they desire."

"He rams his quill with scandal and with scoff, but 'tis so very foul, it won't go off."

"He sins against this life, who slights the next."

"He stands for fame of his forefather's feet, by heraldry, proved valiant or discreet!"

"He that is ungrateful has no guilt but one; all other crimes may pass for virtues in him."

"He that lives in perpetual suspicion lives the life of a sentinel,--of a sentinel never relieved, whose business it is to look out for and expect an enemy, which is an evil not very far short of perishing by him."

"He that's ungrateful has no guilt but one; all other crimes may pass for virtues in him."

"He weeps! the falling drop puts out the sun; He sighs! the sigh earth's deep foundation shakes. If in His love so terrible, what then His wrath inflamed?"

"He who increases the endearments of life, increases at the same time the terrors of death."

"He who, superior to the checks of Nature, dares make his life the victim of his reason, does in some sort that reason deify, and take a flight at heaven."

"Heaven gives us friends to bless the present scene; resumes them, to prepare us for the next."

"Heaven looks down on earth with all her eyes."

"Heaven wills our happiness, allows our doom."

"Heaven?s Sovereign saves all beings but himself that hideous sight,?a naked human heart."

"Hell is the full knowledge of the truth, when truth, resisted long, is sworn our foe, and calls eternity to do her right."

"Hence Heaven looks down on earth with all her eyes."

"Her tears, like drops of molten lead, wth torment burn the passage to my heart."

"High stations, tumult, but not bliss, create; None think the great unhappy, but the great."

"High-built abundance, heap on heap! for what? To breed new wants, and beggar us the more, then, make a richer scramble for the throng."