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Pablo Picasso, fully Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso

Every positive value has its price in negative terms, and you never see anything very great which is not, at the same time, horrible in some respect... the genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima.

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Rashi, born Shlomo ben Yitzchok, aka Salomon Isaacides, Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki NULL

The less gratitude you receive for doing a kind act, the greater the value of the act. True kindness is when we do not receive anything in return for what we do.

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Helen Steiner Rice

It’s not the things that can be bought that are life’s richest treasures. It’s priceless little courtesies that money cannot measure. Each little act of graciousness or kindly little favor that fills the heart with gratitude leaves memories to savor.

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James R. Quirk

The value of silence in art is its stimulation to the imagination.

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Lydia Sigourney, fully Lydia Huntley Sigourney, née Lydia Howard Huntley

With the gain of knowledge, connect the habit of imparting it. This increases mental wealth by putting it in circulation; and it enhances the value of our knowledge to ourselves, not only in its depth, confirmation and readiness for use, but in that acquaintance with human nature, that self-command, and that reaction of moral training upon ourselves, which are above all price.

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Friedrich Schiller, fully Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

Every man stamps his value on himself. The price we challenge for ourselves is given us by others. Man is made great or little by his own will.

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George Savile, fully Sir George Savile, 1st Marquis of Halifax

They who are of the opinion that Money will do everything, may; very well be suspected to do everything for Money.

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Samuel Smiles

Life is of little value unless it be consecrated by duty.

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Arthur Stainback, fully Arthur House Stainback

The value of compassion cannot be over-emphasized. Anyone can criticize. It takes a true believer to be compassionate. No greater burden can be borne by an individual than to know no one cares or understands.

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Robert Louis Stevenson, fully Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

To be rich in admiration and free from envy; to rejoice greatly in the good of others; to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence; these are the gifts of fortune which money cannot buy and without which money can buy nothing. He who has such a treasury of riches, being happy and valiant himself, in his own nature, will enjoy the universe as if it were his own estate; and help the man to whom he lends a hand to enjoy it with him.

Absence | Admiration | Character | Envy | Fortune | Generosity | Good | Happy | Heart | Love | Man | Money | Nature | Nothing | Riches | Universe | Will |

Leland Stanford, fully Amasa Leland Stanford

Money has little value to its possessor unless it also has value to others.

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Jonathan Swift, pen names, M.B. Drapier, Lemuel Gulliver, Isaac Bickerstaff

A wise man should have money in his head, not in his heart.

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Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

This is a property of the rational soul, love of one’s neighbor, and truth and modesty, and to value nothing more than itself, which is also the property of Law. Thus then right reason differs not at all from the reason of justice.

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Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

I often marvel how it is that though each man loves himself beyond all else, he should yet value his own opinion of himself less than that of others.

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Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom NULL

It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.

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