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Mahatma Gandhi, fully Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, aka Bapu

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley

In each human heart terror survives The ravin it has gorged: the loftiest fear All that they would disdain to think were true: Hypocrisy and custom make their minds The fanes of many a worship, now outworn. They dare not devise good for man’s estate, And yet they know not that they do not dare.

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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Is it my fault if belief in Divinity has become a suspected opinion; if the bare suspicion of a Supreme Being is already noted as evidence of a weak mind; and if, of all philosophical Utopias, this is the only one which the world no longer tolerates? Is it my fault if hypocrisy and imbecility everywhere hide behind this holy formula?

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Pitirim A. Sorokin, fully Pitirim Alexandrovich (Alexander) Sorokin

Hate begets hate, violence engenders violence, hypocrisy is answered by hypocrisy, war generates war, and love creates love.

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Rebecca West, pen name of Mrs. Cicily Maxwell Andrews, born Fairfield, aka Dame Rebecca West

Because hypocrisy stinks in the nostrils one is likely to rate it as a more powerful agent for destruction

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Reinhold Niebuhr, fully Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr

The inevitable hypocrisy, which is associated with the all the collective activities of the human race, springs chiefly from this source: that individuals have a moral code which makes the actions of collective man an outrage to their conscience. They therefore invent romantic and moral interpretations of the real facts, preferring to obscure rather than reveal the true character of their collective behavior. Sometimes they are as anxious to offer moral justifications for the brutalities from which they suffer as for those which they commit. The fact that the hypocrisy of man's group behavior... expresses itself not only in terms of self-justification but in terms of moral justification of human behavior in general, symbolizes one of the tragedies of the human spirit: its inability to conform its collective life to its individual ideals. As individuals, men believe they ought to love and serve each other and establish justice between each other. As racial, economic and national groups they take for themselves, whatever their power can command.

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Reinhold Niebuhr, fully Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr

This insinuation of the interests of the self into even the most ideal enterprises and most universal objectives, envisaged in moments of highest rationality, makes hypocrisy an inevitable by product of all virtuous endeavor.

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Richard Cecil

As a man loves gold, in that proportion he hates to be imposed upon by counterfeits; and in proportion as a man has regard for that which is above price and better than gold, he abhors that hypocrisy which is but its counterfeit.

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Rumi, fully Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rumi NULL

There are lovers content with longing. I’m not one of them.

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Samuel Johnson, aka Doctor Johnson

Affectation naturally counterfeits those excellencies which are farthest from our attainment, because knowing our defects we eagerly endeavor to supply them with artificial excellence.

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Simone de Beauvoir, fully Simone-Ernestine-Lucie-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir

Why one man rather than another? It was odd. You find yourself involved with a fellow for life just because he was the one that you met when you were nineteen.

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Simone de Beauvoir, fully Simone-Ernestine-Lucie-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir

It is not in giving life but in risking life that man is raised above the animal that is why superiority has been accorded in humanity not to the sex that brings forth but to that which kills.

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Stendhal, pen name of Marie Henn Beyle or Marie-Henri Beyle NULL

Mathilde made an effort to use the more intimate form; she was evidently more attentive to this unusual way of speaking than to what she was saying. This use of the singular form, stripped of the tone of affection, ceased, after a moment, to afford Julien any pleasure, he was astonished at the absence of happiness; finally, in order to feel it, he had recourse to his reason. He saw himself highly esteemed by this girl who was so proud, and never bestowed unrestricted praise; by this line of reasoning he arrived at a gratification of his self-esteem.

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Stendhal, pen name of Marie Henn Beyle or Marie-Henri Beyle NULL

My style will acquire a specific character from the moment when it will not bother anything, to be exact, will not sleep. directly to court a woman that is the dumbest thing you want. That's why a woman would only untouched by vanity. and vanity of women is common place all philosophers. A and B are two sisters: If you like A like you really need to start by making court's B. .. arriving at the inn, I found there two rosy-cheeked young girl. both were nice. I grabbed her ass in the least pretty, I could have [..] but I thought it would be imprudent at the very beginning of the campaign. anyway I wasted all that melancholy which gnawed at me since I left and I was happy Pforzheim to Stuttgart. during his life the way I read Alfieri, vol 2. pretend you're a month or two but eventually all true character is revealed: we women do not necessarily hold. Martial had between 18 and 31 years, about 22 women, 12 of whom indeed after an amorous intrigue. I am 25 years old and over 10 years I have probably 6 women. I have also 20 horses now and until I will not be able to ride because of age. spirit is it substance or quality - put together with the bodily eye, eye consequence of existence? Locke's principle that all ideas come to us through the senses, and passions anatomy as shown in Helvetius prove that man can not see any effect in the soul, there are only effects of the senses, that there seem consequent soul. these two portraits of the Emperor are really great, but made ??him Appian lighting. apparently not conceive otherwise genius painters. the superior understanding that surprise humanly possible real relations between things and events with a dominating cold caution, they remain invisible. inconsistency is found that the sensitivity, the author [Schiller] not sufficiently deepened major ideas at last that his characters I have enough spirit [esprit]. them except some lengths to end pieces are good. but sensitivity founded on a series of vague ideas and swollen, like that of Werther, it seems a consequence of a specific nation spirit, does not touch me. Well the Germans cold explaining their food: black bread, butter, milk and beer. coffee yet but should drink wine, and since most, for animate them bloated muscles. Bible reading and then helped her to be silly and emphatic. Because it's actually acting and the British character. but the greatest rulers of the 18th century, Frederick II and Catherine II, belonged to this nation. - Stendhal , The Private Diaries of Stendhal

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Stendhal, pen name of Marie Henn Beyle or Marie-Henri Beyle NULL

An English traveler relates how he lived upon intimate terms with a tiger; he had reared it and used to play with it, but always kept a loaded pistol on the table.

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Thomas Jefferson

Were I to commence my administration again, the first question I would ask respecting a candidate would be, Does he use ardent spirits?

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Thomas Paine

The Christian religion begins with a dream and ends with a murder.

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Wendell Berry

We could lose, and I think we need to face that. I was speaking in Nebraska the other day and a very intelligent man came up afterward and said in a very kind and intelligent way, Of course you know you may be fighting a losing battle. And I answered, I’ve known for 30 years that I may be fighting a losing battle. The question to me is not whether I’m going to win or not, but whether I’m going to fight or not.

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Walker Percy

It is not a bad thing to settle for the Little Way, not the big search for the big happiness but the sad little happiness of drinks and kisses, a good little car and a warm deep thigh.

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Atharva Veda, or Atharvaveda

O my beloved camel-like mind, search for the Lord within your own heart. He cannot be found by any device; the Guru will show you the Lord within your heart.

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