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Thomas Jefferson

Men are naturally divided into two parties: (1) those who fear and distrust the people... (2) those who identify themselves with people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider than as the most honest and safe.

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Joseph Farrell, fully Joseph Patrick Farrell

When a man thinks he is reading the character of another, he is often unconsciously betraying his own; and this is especially the case with those persons whose knowledge of the world is of such sort that it results in extreme distrust of men.

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Benjamin Franklin

The great secret of succeeding in conversation is to admire little, hear much, always to distrust our own reason, and sometimes that of our friends; never to pretend to wit, but to make that of others appear as much as we possibly can; to hearken to what is said, and to answer to the purpose.

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Friedrich Nietzsche, fully Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Gentlemen, let us distrust our first reactions; they are invariably much too favorable.

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Friedrich Nietzsche, fully Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Joyous distrust is as sign of health. Everything absolute belongs to pathology.

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Jean Racine, baptismal name Jean-Baptiste Racine

The feeling of distrust is always the last which a great mind acquires.

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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

It is clear that property in itself owes allegiance to no particular form of government, and is bound by no dynastic or legal ties. Its politics may be summed up in a single word: exploitation, or even anarchy. It is the most formidable enemy and most treacherous ally of any form of power. In short, in its relation to the State it is governed by only one principle, one sentiment, one concern: self-interest, or egoism... That is why all governments, all utopias, and all Churches distrust property... We can conclude that property is the greatest existing revolutionary force, with an unequaled capacity for setting itself against authority.

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Thomas Jefferson

Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the pubic interests… Call them… Whigs and Tories, Republicans and Federalists, Aristocrats and Democrats, or whatever name you please, they are the same parties still, and pursue the same object.

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George Herbert Morrison

A love that has no silence has no depth. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” There are people whose love we instinctively distrust because they are always telling us about it. And perhaps it is simply because God is love, in all the glorious fullness of that word, that we have to be still if we would know him.

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Al Gore, Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.,

What makes the United States special in the history of nations is our commitment to the rule of law and our carefully constructed system of checks and balances. Our national distrust of concentrated power and our devotion to openness and democracy are what have led us as a people to consistently choose good over evil in our collective aspirations.

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Felipe Fernández-Armesto

When we distrust passion because it is too subjective, or reject authority because it has no input of our own, we flee to reason.

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Alfred North Whitehead

Seek simplicity and distrust it.

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Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr., born Arthur Bancroft Schlesinger

The first rule of democracy is to distrust all leaders who begin to believe their own publicity.

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Confucius, aka Kong Qiu, Zhongni, K'ung Fu-tzu or Kong Fuzi NULL

The rule of life is to be found within yourself. Ask yourself constantly, "What is the right thing to do?" Beware of ever doing that which you are likely, sooner or later, to repent of having done. It is better to live in peace than in bitterness and strife. It is better to believe in your neighbors than to fear and distrust them. The superior man does not wrangle. He is firm but not quarrelsome. He is sociable but not clannish. The superior man sets a good example to his neighbors. He is considerate of their feelings and property. Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, and a good society. Feel kindly toward everyone. Be friendly and pleasant among yourselves. Be generous and fair.

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Jean-Paul Sartre

I distrust the incommunicable: it is the source of all violence.

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Joseph Roux

We distrust our heart too much, and our head not enough.

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