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Gore Vidal, fully Eugene Luther Gore Vidal

WeÂ’re the most captive nation of slaves that ever came along. The moral timidity of the average American is quite noticeable. EverybodyÂ’s afraid to be thought in any way different from everyone else.

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Gore Vidal, fully Eugene Luther Gore Vidal

Our only political party has two right wings, one called Republican, the other Democratic. But Henry Adams figured all that out back in the 1890s. “We have a single system," he wrote, and “in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and circuses.

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Gore Vidal, fully Eugene Luther Gore Vidal

Life will be wonderful when men no longer fear dying. When the last superstitions are thrown out and we meet death with the same equanimity as life. No longer will children's minds be twisted by evil gods whose fantastic origin is in those barbaric tribes who feared death and lightning, who feared life. That's it: life is the villain to to those who preach reward in death, through grace and eternal bliss, or through dark revenge.

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Feisal Abdul Rauf

The battleground has been moderates of all faith traditions in all the countries of the world against the radicals of all faith traditions in all parts of the world.

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Italian Proverbs

Summer is the mother of the poor.

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