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Louis D. Brandeis, fully Louis Dembitz Brandeis

What are the American ideals? They are the development of the individual through liberty and the attainment of the common good through democracy and social justice.

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Max Lerner, fully Maxwell "Max" Alan Lerner, aka Mikhail Lerner

Of the many things we have done to democracy in the past, the worst has been the indignity of taking it for granted.

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Mortimer J. Adler, fully Mortimer Jerome Adler

What is needed to make democracy work as it is not now working- to bring into existence in reality a sound conception of democracy? The mass liberal education of the mass electorate. Not just schooling, but an education that involves moral training as well as training of the mind.

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Nelson Rockefeller, fully Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller

Politics is the life blood of democracy. To call politics “dirty” is to call democracy “dirty.”

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Noam Chomsky, fully Avram Noam Chomsky

In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued - they may be essential to survival.

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Octavio Paz, born Octavio Paz Lozano

Changes are inseparable from democracy. To defend democracy is to defend the possibility of change; in turn, changes alone can strengthen democracy.

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Ralph Nader

There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.

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Reinhold Niebuhr, fully Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr

Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.

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William Temple, fully Sir William Temple, 1st Baronet

The test of democracy is not whether the majority prevails, but whether the minority is tolerated.

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Edward Bellamy

The primal principle of democracy is the worth and dignity of the individual

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David Eli Lilienthal, "Mr. TVA"

The essential ingredient of democracy is not doctrine but intelligence, not authority but reason, not cynicism but faith in men, faith in God. Our strength lies in the fearless pursuit of truth by the minds of men who are free.

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David Grayson, pseudonym of Ray Stannard Baker

Of all obstacles to that complete democracy of which we dream, is there a greater than property?

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Francisco Jiménez

I strongly believe that education is the best means for people to progress in life. It gives people many, many choices for the kind of life they want to live, and the kind of lifestyle they want to have. But more importantly I think – and it’s a cliché, but it’s true – a well-educated society maintains a rich democracy. When our society is not well educated, democracy suffers. The other reason that I strongly support public education is that it is the best means for people who come from poor economic background to escape poverty. The obstacles are greater, but at least the opportunities are there. Education helps to level the playing field.

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George Marshall, fully George Catlett Marshall, Jr.

We must present democracy as a force holding within itself the seeds of unlimited progress by the human race. By our actions we should make it clear that such a democracy is a means to a better way of life, together with a better understanding among nations. Tyranny inevitably must retire before the tremendous moral strength of the gospel of freedom and self-respect for the individual, but we have to recognize that these democratic principles do not flourish on empty stomachs, and that people turn to false promises of dictators because they are hopeless and anything promises something better than the miserable existence that they endure. However, material assistance alone is not sufficient. The most important thing for the world today in my opinion is a spiritual regeneration which would reestablish a feeling of good faith among men generally. Discouraged people are in sore need of the inspiration of great principles. Such leadership can be the rallying point against intolerance, against distrust, against that fatal insecurity that leads to war. It is to be hoped that the democratic nations can provide the necessary leadership.

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Richard Niebuhr, fully Helmut Richard Niebuhr

Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.

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Irving Babbitt

If a man went simply by what he saw, he might be tempted to affirm that the essence of democracy is melodrama.

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Ida Tarbell, fully Ida Minerva Tarbell

Perhaps our national ambition to standardize ourselves has behind it the notion that democracy means standardization. But standardization is the surest way to destroy the initiative, to benumb the creative impulse above all else essential to the vitality and growth of democratic ideals.

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Jayaprakash Narayan, known as JP Narayan, Jayaprakash or Loknayak

If you really care for freedom, liberty, There cannot be any democracy or liberal institution without politics. The only true antidote to the perversions of politics is more politics and better politics. Not negation of politics.

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