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Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra, also known as Ben Ezra or Abenezra

Rabbi, Distinguished Jewish Man of Letters and Writers excelling in Philosophy, Astronomy/Astrology, Poetry, Linguistics and Exegesis, called "The Wise, The Great and The Admirable Doctor"

"The essence of all precepts is to make the heart upright."

"The righteous will always feel joy and never feel sad about what the Almighty has decreed upon them because they realize whatever He does is for their ultimate best."

"The vast majority of people are slavers to their desires. The true king who deserves a royal crown is only a person who is free from the pressures of his desires."

"There is none more lonely than the man who loves only himself."

"Wisdom begets humility."

"All the commandments follow three ways: faith, word, and deed. As one is basic in mathematics, so the essence of every commandment, whether it depends on speech or action, is faith of heart. If it has not that , all else is meaningless."

"Desire blinds the wise."

"No one can arrive at knowledge of the Lord without knowing his own soul, his own mind, and body; for what wisdom can he possess who does not know himself? "

"The object and aim of all divine commands is to love God truly, and to cleave to him."