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This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alan William Smolowe who gave birth to the creation of this database.

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Agony Absurd Appreciation Bereavement Blasphemy Bravery Brotherhood Capability Childhood Comedy Admiration Alms Anarchy Apostasy Aptitude Anger Atomic bomb Atheism Avarice Attention Battle Blessedness Change Coercion Adversity Adaptability Abundance Ability Ambition Argument Age Audacity Bourgeoisie Ceremony Business Charisma Citizenship Circumspection Clemency Accident Amends Apothegms Appetite Attainment Boldness Calamity Caution Art Civil disobedience Baseness Acquaintance Ancestry Alienation Ambiguity Amusements Aid Antagonism Blame Behavior Birth Cause Cheerfulness Affront Accomplishment Altruism Aims Altercation Calumny Calmness Charity Absolute Affectation Alchemy Anxiety Balance Betrayal Better Cleanliness Collusion Abstract Accuracy Agitation Anthropomorphism Antiquity Angels Action Awakening Beginning Bitterness Chastity Adultery Absence Acceptance Advertising Afterlife Adolescence Associates Aspiration Association Bribery Bible Books Beauty Body Civility Aliveness Adventure Administration Achievement Affliction Agnostic Arrogance Babble Awareness Bigotry Blush Borrowing Capital punishment Capacity Aphorism Applause Assertion Axioms Burial Bragging Capitalism Abnormal Abuse Aesthetics Absolution Abstinence Anticipation Antithesis Attentiveness Censor Censure Addiction Aggression Allegories Apathy Artifice Athletics Authority Blessings Belief Brutality Challenge Care Aesthetic Apology Authenticity Barbarism Benevolence Boys Candor Chance Advice Anti-semitism Appearance Asceticism Awe Boasting Bride Coincidence Commerce Conduct Civilization Controversy Contention Conviviality Critic Decadence Despair Devil Disgrace Distrust Distinction Doubt Dreams Emotions Events Earth Enough Experiment Falsehood Father Firmness Fraud Freedom from fear Goals Giving Gold Idealism Honor Conquest Cost Cunning Degeneracy Disagreement Dispatch Duality Endurance Ennui Enlightenment Education Enthusiasm Eternity Existentialism Focus Forbearance Fury Glory Golden Rule Guarantee Hazard Health Hero Impudence Conversation Cult Cynic Destroy Distress Dynamic Ego Erudition Equality Character Famous Frugality Generosity Gluttony Global Good nature Harm Habit Hunger Human race Hurry Ignominy Consecration Conscience Conservation Corruption Defiance Decision Dependence Despot Difficulty Discretion Disease Diversity Fable Fastidiousness Family Forgetfulness Forgiveness Genius Gratitude Compassion Counsel Critical thinking Daughter Deceit Defects Detection Discontent Economics Effort Equanimity Exploit Free choice Free press Experience Freedom of thought Grave Gullibility Helpfulness Hell Honesty Humility Human nature Inconsistency Incompetence Consequences Constraint Convictions Courtesy Debt Deliberation Desperation Deeds Determination Doctrine Eccentricity Elegance Extreme Failure Fighting Free enterprise Impiety Church Complacency Choice Concealment Compensation Commitment Conformity Conspicuous consumption Consistency Contemplation Crime Curiosity Danger Disbelief Dishonor Dispute Divinity Exaggeration Feelings Fretfulness Gall Fulfillment Gentleness Greed Imitation Incivility Constancy Contempt Copying Dedication Democracy Disparagement Earnestness Efficiency Ends Entertainment Evidence Fault Fidelity Foreign policy Force Grief Hypothesis Husband Circumstances Common Sense Confidence Consideration Courage Daring Dishonesty Disguise Disrespect Ecstasy Energy Example Fame Flexibility Fraternity Fortune Grace Greatness Ideals Impertinence Compliance Competition Custom Dejection Diligence Disillusionment Discipline Discovery Desire Edification Enemy Esteem Evasion Excitement Fanaticism Folly Faith Freedom of religion Fright Freedom Guile Imperialism Impatience Children Darkness Dehumanization Depression Diet Discussion Disobedience Diversion Dogma Enjoyment Epiphany Equity Ethics Free speech Growth Happy Humor Hypocrisy Idleness Imperfection Inattention Computer Correctness Cowardice Credit Creed Delusion Discernment Disdain Disloyalty Dissent Exterminate Extravagance Eternal Familiarity Gloom Guests Impetuosity Conspiracy Convention Cooperation Creativity Cruelty Culture Deference Delay Design Despise Death Envy Excess Fairness Evil Fortitude Frivolity Heredity Impartiality Impossibility Contrast Contentment Cynicism Demeanor Detachment Dirty Empathy Duty Forethought Foresight Frailties Freedom of speech Geniality Fun Friend Guidance Guilt Hate Inactivity Inconvenient Competence Comfort Conservatism Consolation Consciousness Control Cultivation Dawn Deviation Dignity Devotion Day Display Distinguish Equivocation Estimation Era Evolution Excellence Expectation Fallacy Existence Fate Free will Freedom of conscience Future Harmony Hospitality Humanity Contradiction Criticism Decisiveness Defeat Defense Desolation Despondency Diplomacy Destiny Docility Dread Empiricist Error Flattery Frankness Fear Half-truth Haste Government Heaven Inclination Infancy History Incoherent Indigestion Indiscretion Insight Immortality Instinct Indignation Irresolution Indifference Heart Inequality Inquiry Intimidation Leisure Lesson Incredulity Ignorance Indolence Infamy Insignificance Labor Integrity Lewdness Life cycle Indecency Irony Language Indecision Imagination Indispensable Illusion Inhumanity Intemperance Journey Intelligence Laughter Indigence Impulse Ingenuity Inheritance Integration Joy Laziness Land Leniency Law Inevitable Initiative Insult Isolation Invention Kindness Libel Ideas Inferiority Instability Innovation Indulgence Inspiration Intolerance Justification Justice Lending Liberty Insanity Innocence Injustice Indignity Interdependent Kill Knowledge Improvement Hope Ingratitude Inquisitiveness Internet Justify Judgment Good Impression Individuality Industry Insecurity Intrigue Jealousy Intention Important Lethargy Insincerity Influence Individual Know thyself Knowing Legends Intuition Learning Love of learning Lust Listening Manliness Magic Motives Matrimony Naiveté Melancholy Mercy Morality Longing Magnanimity Loneliness Malice Looks Method Misfortune Mutability Light Manners Modesty Munificence Mindfulness Mistrust God Logic Meekness Mission Moral law Loquacity Litigation Majority Misrepresentation Moral codes Mourn Murder Loathing Lord Lying Mob Money Loyalty Machines Luxury Madness Melody Mettle Miracles Means Model Mutiny Loafing Marriage Meanness Meaning Mourning Literature Little Materialism Meditation Mirth Misgiving Love Moderation Murmuring Luck Martyrs Metaphysics Modernity Mistake Mystical Love of money Mathematics Maxims Mankind Merit Mockery Mediocrity Memoirs Memory Mortal Music Nonsense Oppression Paradise Opinion Peril Persuasion Plenty Opposition Obsession Mind Ostracism Pain Perplexity Philanthropy Pacifism Pardon Perjury Piety Obligation Passion Need Perseverance Persistence Nations Openness Necessity Originality Opportunity Perfection Personality Mysticism Old age Men Parents Penury Phenomena Order Pious Omnipresence Neutrality Omniscience Offense Oneness Parables Mystery Normality Novels Myth Objectives Obedience Optimism Past Perspicacity Policy Nonchalance Noise Neglect Obscurity Occupation Organic Peculiarity Panic Perdition Mother Non-existence Observation Office Object Partiality Perception Play Oblivion Oratory Patience Perfidy Platitudes Plan Philosophy Poetry Nobility Omnipotence Pedigree Nature Personal freedom Peace Plagiarism Orderliness Organization Paradox Patriotism Pessimism News Objectivity Novelty Pedantry Politics Ostentation Pity Pleasure Popularity Procrastination Prediction Pragmatism Precept Practice Psychoanalysis Providence Reading Respect Sadness Sanity Selfishness Semantic Sentiment Quiet Reflection Remuneration Restraint Revenge Ridicule Reward Rites Rumor Seclusion Self-awareness Sloth Punctuality Property Recreation People Scholar Slavery Solitude Statesmanship Presumption Precision Poverty Race Reform Regret Resignation Resentment Scandal Self-righteousness Proficiency Promiscuity Proletariat Promise Problems Psychology Radicalism Rebellion Research Reserve Retaliation Righteousness Satiety Sacred Science Security Self-identity Self-interest Self-reliance Self-preservation Self Service Principles Punishment Question Resilience Retrospection Restlessness Religion Ruthlessness Satire Simplicity Sophistry Prayer Pride Prophecy Purity Rank Redemption Riches Risk-taking Romance Self-determination Self-sacrifice Servitude Prejudice Prison Nothing Qualities Recklessness Recompense Power Rhetoric Revolution Scepticism Salvation Safe Self-deception Self-control Self-knowledge Self-realization Self-sufficiency Similitude Sincerity Speculation Proverbs Rancor Refinement Repose Reputation Self-praise Serenity Standardization Posterity Praise Protest Rashness Rebuke Remorse Revelation Royalty Sarcasm Satan Skepticism Preference Possessions Position Public Reciprocity Regard Responsibility Secrecy Self-hatred Self-esteem Self-made man Singularity Size Smile Risk Sagacity Sacrifice Sensuality Precedent Puberty Reconciliation Reliability Reality Relationship Sabbath Rule Sense Sensibility Stigma Predestination Prudence Prodigality Price Progress Prowess Prosperity Purpose Regulation Rights Scripture Self-mastery Self-worth Skill Sin Sorrow Silence Rage Rationality Receive Repentance Man Reason Promptness Present Quotations Resolution Retirement Reverence Rivalry Rest Search Self-love Sound Space Spirituality Life Right Self-approval Self-confidence Self-denial Self-improvement Self-perception Shame Slander Stewardship Speech Suicide Suppression Submission Style Superfluities Statistics Superiority Sympathy Suspense Theology Survival Thankfulness Struggle Temptation Terrorism Superstition Tact System Teach Stoic Supplication Surrender Spirit Soul Success Tears Tenets Terror Suspicion Tenacity Thinkers Tenderness Theories Stupidity Story Technology Surplus Study Strength Taste Society Suffering Television Talking Temper Trifles Turmoil Virginity Unique Understanding Wavering Words Approval Hardship Instruction Unbelief Unfaithfulness Thrift Training War Time Yielding Parting Tranquility Troubles Thinking Unhappiness Unfairness Waste Uniformity Witness Unkindness Wise Vigilance Yearnings Theoretical Torah Wonder Zeal Zen Tidiness Thought Transience Vehemence Wealth Woe Wishes Title Turpitude Traitor Trust Vengeance Unity Obtuse Talent Youth Toleration Treachery Utopia Tyranny Wants Wills Woman Worship Politeness Stamina Worth Trials Treason Uncertainty Wholeness Writing Absurdity Inertia New Testament Weapons Weakness Wife Torture Truth Virtue Following Realism Waiting Warning Worry Old Testament Critical Thinking Tomorrow Tragedy Trustworthiness Usefulness Wickedness Wit Vindictiveness Vows Watchfulness Engagement Trial Koran Tradition Universe Vision Companionship Friendship Wrong Tribulations Truisms Ugly Unconsciousness Valor Vulgarity Infidelity Vicissitudes Intellect Skeptic Child Blessed Crisis Obstacle Circumstance Privilege Truths Negotiation Think Forgive Afraid Value Leader Learn Vice Propaganda Guilty Understand Poem Loss Work Trouble Friends Leadership Teacher Brevity Gossip Govern Parent Winning Happiness Victim Old Will World Wisdom