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"Rejoice in adversity even more than in prosperity, for suffering brings forgiveness of sin." - Rabbi Akiva, fully Rebbe Akiva ben Yosef NULL

"Receive wealth or prosperity without arrogance; and be ready to let it go." - Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

"It requires a strong constitution to withstand repeated attacks of prosperity." - J. L. Balsford

"It requires a strong constitution to withstand repeated attacks of prosperity." -

"Enthusiasm is a virtue rarely to be met with in seasons of calm and unruffled prosperity.—It flourishes in adversity, kindles in the hour of danger, and awakens to deeds of renown.—The terrors of persecution only serve to quicken the energy of its purposes.—It swells in proud integrity, and, great in the purity of its cause, it can scatter defiance amidst hosts of enemies." - Thomas Chalmers

"Envy is an ill-natured vice, and is made up of meanness and malice. It wishes the force of goodness to be strained, and the measure of happiness abated. It laments over prosperity, and sickens at the sight of health. It oftentimes wants spirit as well as good nature." - Jeremy Collier

"A state to prosper, must be built on foundations of moral character, and, this character is the principal element of its strength, and the only guaranty of its permanence and prosperity." - J. L. M. Curry, fully Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry

"To rejoice in another’s prosperity is to give content to your own lot; to mitigate another’s grief is to alleviate or dispel your own." - Tyron Edwards

"Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends." - Euripedes NULL

"On this earth all is temptation. Crosses tempt us by irritating our pride, and prosperity by flattering it. Our life is a continual combat... We must pass on unmoved, while temptations rage around us, as the traveler, overtaken by a storm, simply wraps his cloak more closely about him, and pushes on more vigorously toward his destined home." - François Fénelon, fully Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon

"Calamity and Prosperity are the Touchstones of Integrity." - Benjamin Franklin

"Hopeful in adversity, anxious in prosperity, is the heart prepared for weal and woe." - Horace, full name Quintus Horatius Flaccus NULL

"Patience is the guardian of faith, the preserver of peace, the cherisher of love, the teacher of humility; patience, governs the flesh, strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, stifles anger, extinguishes envy, subdues the hand, tramples upon temptation, endures persecutions, consummates martyrdom; patience produces unity in the church, loyalty in the state, harmony in families and societies; she comforts the poor and moderates the rich; she makes us humble in prosperity, cheerful in adversity, unmoved by calumny and reproach; she teaches us to forgive those who have injured us, and to be the first in asking forgiveness of those whom we have injured; she delights the faithful, and invites the unbelieving; she adorns the woman, and approves the man; is loved in a child, praised in a young man, admired in an old man; she is beautiful in either sex and every age." - George Horne

"Actually, you will never have more potential for prosperity and wholeness than you have now." - Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

"The key to prosperity is the realization that prosperity doesn’t come by getting more. It comes by giving more... You do not deprive someone else when you prosper, as the Source is unlimited." - Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

"We are unable to explain either the prosperity of the wicked or the afflictions of the righteous." - Rabbi Yannai or Jannai Jannai

"To know a people’s character, we must see it at its homes, and look chiefly to the humbler abodes where that portion of the people dwells which makes the broad basis of the national prosperity." - Louis Kossuth, also Lajos Kossuth, fully Lajos Kossuth de Udvard et Kossuthfalva

"Goodness does not more certainly make men happy, than happiness makes them good. We must distinguish between felicity and prosperity; for prosperity leads often to ambition, and ambition to disappointment; the course is then over, the wheel turns round but once; while the reaction of goodness and happiness is perpetual." - Walter Savage Landor

"Adversity and prosperity have no fixed road; they are evoked by men themselves." -

"Prosperity engenders sloth." -

"It is a true observation of ancient writers, that as men are apt to be cast down by adversity, so they are easily satiated with prosperity, and that joy and grief produce the same effects. For whenever men are not obliged by necessity to fight they fight from ambition, which is so powerful a passion in the human breast that however high we reach we are never satisfied." - Niccolò Machiavelli, formally Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

"Learning, if rightly applied, makes a young man thinking, attentive, industrious, confident and wary; and an old man cheerful and useful. It is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, an entertainment at all times; it cheers in solitude, and gives moderation and wisdom in all circumstances." - Thomas W. Palmer

"Be moderate in prosperity, prudent in adversity." - Periander, aka Periander The Great NULL

"In this thing one man is superior to another, that he is better able to bear adversity and prosperity." - Philemon NULL

"Arrogance is the outgrowth of prosperity." - Plautus, full name Titus Maccius Plautus NULL

"Prosperity begets friends; adversity proves them." - Publius Syrus

"A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity till he has tasted adversity." -

"Truly prosperity tries the souls even of the wise." - Sallust, full name Carus Valerius Sailustius Crispus NULL

"In prosperity do not rejoice too much and in adversity be not downcast." -

"The good things of prosperity are to be wished; but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired." -

"We become wiser by adversity; prosperity destroys our appreciation of the right." -

"We become wiser in the midst of adversity; it is prosperity that takes away righteousness." -

"The heart is great which shows moderation in the midst of prosperity." -

"The ambitious man desires nothing like glory, and on the other hand dreads nothing like shame. To the envious person, again, nothing is more pleasant than the misfortune of another, and nothing more disagreeable than the prosperity of another. And so each person according to his affect judges a thing to be good or evil, useful or useless." -

"There be four good mothers who have four bad daughters: Truth hath Hatred, Prosperity hath Pride, Security hath Peril, and Familiarity hath Contempt." - Harold W Thompson

"Employment gives health, sobriety, and morals. Constant employment and well-paid labor produce in a country like ours, general prosperity, content and cheerfulness." - Daniel Webster

"To rejoice in the prosperity of another is to partake of it." - William Austin

"It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted." - Kenneth Eldon Bailey

"Vocabulary is an index to a civilization, and ours is a disturbed one. That's why so many of the new words deal with war, violence, drugs, racism, and not so many with peace and prosperity." - Clarence Edward Barnfield

"Honest work bears a lovely face for it is the father of pleasure and the mother of good fortune. It is the keystone of prosperity and the sire of fame. And best of all, work is relief from sorrow and the handmaiden of happiness." - Eugene P. Bertin, fully Eugene Peter Bertin

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." - Anne Dudley Bradstreet

"In prosperity prepare for a change; in adversity hope for one." - James Burgh

"True prosperity is the result of well placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man." -

"If adversity hath killed his thousands, prosperity hath killed his ten thousands; therefore adversity is to be preferred. The one deceives, the other instructs; the one is miserably happy, the other happily miserable; and therefore many philosophers have voluntarily sought adversity and commend it in their precepts." - Richard Francis Burton, fully Sir Richard Francis Burton

"A truth's prosperity is like a jest's; it lies in the ear of him that hears it." - Samuel Butler

"As full ears load and lay down corn, so does too much fortune bend and break the mind. It deserves to be considered, too, as another disadvantage, that affliction moves pity, and reconciles our very enemies, but prosperity provokes envy, and loses us our very friends." - Pierre Charron

"All that happens in the world of nature and man - every war, every peace, every horn of prosperity, every horn of adversity, every election, every death, every life, every success and every failure, all change, all permanence, the perished leer, the unutterable glory of stars - all things speak truth in the thoughtful spirit." - Rufus Choate

"Prosperity cannot be divorced from humanity." - Calvin Coolidge, fully John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.

"Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped." - Calvin Coolidge, fully John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.