Great Throughts Treasury

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Benjamin Whichcote

English Anglican Divine, Platonist

"No man blushes in the dark."

"Sins of the mind have less infamy than those of the body, but not less malignity."

"Nothing should alienate us from one another but that which alienates us from God."

"Good men spiritualize their bodies; bad men incarnate their souls."

"He that has no government of himself has no enjoyment of himself."

"None are known to be good until they have opportunity to be bad."

"Iniquity is the greatest evil."

"Among politicians the esteem of religion is profitable; the principles of it are troublesome."

"Using and enjoying is the true having."

"An act of duty is law in practice."

"Conscience without judgment is superstition."

"Joy is the life of man's life."

"Some are atheists by neglect; others are so by affectation; they that think there is no God at some times do not think so at all times."

"Religion is a profound humility, a universal charity."

"Nothing spoils human Nature more than false Zeal."

"To be an enemy is a sin; to have one is a temptation."

"Sin is a defiance to the authority of God, a contradiction to the law of righteousness, a disturbance to the society of men, and a distraction to the soul of the sinner."

"None are so empty as those who are full of themselves."

"Unless a man takes himself sometimes out of the world, by retirement and self-reflection, he will be in danger of losing himself in the world."