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David Andrew Seaman

English Football Goalkeeper

"All things are connected, all things are relative. Everything has a place, a purpose."

"All we really want is to love and be loved."

"Appreciate every moment. There is an integrity to pursuing your dreams that animates all other aspects of life."

"Connection gives life meaning."

"It is so easy to pass a day without having felt anything. To me, my life has meaning only when I’ve felt something I can’t forget."

"Life is no dress rehearsal. This is the time to explore, to indulge our curiosity and our hunger for truth."

"Love has no confines, no boundaries, and it always ultimately triumphs."

"Meaning in life is determined by how we choose to experience the world, not by how the world experiences us. We are all born with the freedom to put whatever meaning we’d like into our lives."

"We never escape our minds."

"The meaning of life lies in how you made the world different from the way you found it. After you are gone, the impact you have had on others will be the meaning of your life."

"Our separateness is an artificial boundary we construct."