Great Throughts Treasury

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Donn Piatt

American Diplomat, Editor and Writer who in articles, books, plays and poetry attacked corruption in high places

"A man's greatness can be measured by his enemies."

"A man selects his enemies, his friends make themselves, and from these friends he is apt to suffer."

"A man’s tyranny is measured only by his power to abuse."

"History is, after all, the crystallization of popular beliefs."

"Humanity is about the same the world over; and while the earth has its uniformity, with slight differences in mountain and plain, so its products are very nearly alike."

"Pure hero-worship is healthy. It stimulates the young to deeds of heroism, stirs the old to unselfish efforts, and gives the masses models of mankind that tend to lift humanity above the commonplace meanness of ordinary life."

"There is no tyranny so despotic as that of public opinion among a free people."

"To be great one must be positive, and gain strength through foes."

"That man is great who can use the brains of others to carry on his work."

"Taxation reaches down to the base; but the base is labor, and labor pays all."

"That man is great who rises to the emergencies of the occasion, and becomes master of the situation."

"The man who has no enemies has no following."