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Eleazar Rokeach, Eleazor ben Judah ben Kalonymus, aka Eleazar of Worms

German Talmudist and Kabbalist, last major member of the Chassidei Ashkenaz, a group of German Jewish Pietists

"Envy a man nothing save his virtues."

"The most beautiful thing a man can do is to forgive."

"Hate ruins the very savor of food, the peace of sleep, all reverence in the soul."

"Modesty is the noblest of all ornaments."

"Promptly my flesh turned into a fire-flame and my tendons turned into burning hot fire, and my bones into broom-ember, and my eyelids into sparkles, and my eye-wheels into fire-torches, and my hair into flame-blazes, and all my organs into burning fire-wings, and all my body-height into a blazing fire, to my right, hewers of fire-flames, and to my left, torches-burners, and my surroundings are floating in a tempest-wind and a storm and a voice of noise in noise in front of and behind me."

"They could only divert the spirits and the demons, who came and diverted the hearts, to make a man love a woman and a woman to love a man, and to have ministers of the cup (i.e., scryers) and ministers of the finger (i.e., palm readers) with which the spirits and the demons can come and view their thoughts and know everything worth knowing."