Great Throughts Treasury

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Everett Dean Martin

American Sociologist

"It is easier to believe than to doubt."

"The man who strives to educate himself - and no one else can educate him - must win a certain victory over his own nature. He must learn to smile at his dear idols, analyze his every prejudice, scrap if necessary his fondest and most consoling belief, question his presuppositions, and take his chances with the truth."

"There is only one sound method of moral education. It is teaching people to think."

"The educator tries to tell people how to think; the propagandist, what to think. The educator strives to develop individual responsibility; the propagandist, mass effects… The educator fails unless he achieves an open mind; the propagandist, unless he achieves a closed mind."

"Morality cannot exist one minute without freedom… Only a free man can possibly be moral. Unless a good deed is voluntary, it has no moral significance."

"Tolerance is a better guarantee of freedom than brotherly love; for a man may love his brother so much that he feels himself thereby appointed his brother’s keeper."