Great Throughts Treasury

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Joshua Lederberg

American Geneticist , Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

"The human condition suffers from the fact that our sins and our guilt are cumulative; we may assuage, we forgive, but have no way to forget."

"Everybody has to learn for the first time."

"I think we have to believe we are here for some purpose, and I know there are many cynics who will deny it, but they don't live as if they deny it."

"We are all very individual. You have to find out what you can do best, and be self-conscious about that."

"Try hard to find out what you're good at and what your passions are, and where the two converge, and build your life around that."

"If we have isolated individuals able to inflict enormous harm, imagine what a single lunatic can do with a nuclear weapon. I think the whole base of civil society is at risk."

"If lifespan jumps by 30 or 40 years, that has enormous implications."