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Ya’akov Dov "Katzele" Katz

Israeli Politician, leader of the National Union party, Member of the Knesset, Executive Director of Beit El Yeshiva Center Institutions and Arutz Sheva

"A person who is truly in control of his desires is able to separate himself from any desire he chooses."

"A person’s first obligation is to work on having an orderly mind and to decide on what thoughts he will think about."

"The goal of overcoming the demand for gratifying desires is not to deny oneself pleasure, but to try to keep desires in a perspective that will allow us to overcome them because of a realization that our happiness is not dependent on them."

"We are constantly repeating messages in our minds. If they are negative: “I’m a failure,” “The world is an awful place,” “Nothing ever goes right,” we make our lives miserable. We have the ability to consciously make an effort to repeat to our selves positive messages: “I have the ability to keep improving,” “The world contains many wonderful opportunities,” “Everything that happens to me can be used for growth”... Little by little they will have a positive effect on your personality and emotions."