Great Throughts Treasury

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Yorah Daiah

Rabbi, Talmudic Scholar and Kabbalist

"It is especially important to express your feelings of joy when giving charity to a poor person. Show the person you are glad to be able to help him out. Showing displeasure giving charity erases the merit of giving."

"A child must not call his parent by name."

"A child must not contradict his parents."

"A child must not sit in a place where his parent usually sits."

"A child should fulfill his parent's requests with a pleasant facial expression."

"An essential part of visiting the sick is to pray for the person's recovery."

"Close friends and relatives should visit someone as soon as he becomes ill; others should wait until three days have passed. If, however, the person is ill, even the latter should come to visit him immediately. If you can't visit, then at least you should call him."

"It is an obligation to visit the sick."

"It is preferable not to visit a sick person the first and last three hours of the day. If, however, you find this difficult, you may visit him any time during the day as long as it is convenient for the person."

"Let the honor of your student be as dear to you as your own honor."

"You are obligated to stand up before your father and your mother."