Great Throughts Treasury

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Edward Young

English Poet best known for "Night Thoughts"

"With such ardent eyes he wandered o'er me, and gazed with such intensity of love, sending his soul out to me in a look."

"With the talents of an angel a man may be a fool."

"With you own heart confer; and dread even there to find a flatterer."

"Woes cluster. Rare are solitary woes; they love a train, they tread each other's heel."

"Wonder is involuntary praise."

"Women were made to give our eyes delight; A female sloven is an odious sight."

"Wouldst thou be famed? have those high acts in view, brave men would act though scandal would ensue."

"Your learning, like the lunar beam, affords Light, but not heat; it leaves you undevout, Frozen at heart, while speculation shines."

"Youth is not rich in time; it may be poor; part with it as with money, sparing; pay no moment but in purchase of its worth, and what it's worth, ask death-beds; they can tell."